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Future Business Leaders Learn About Free Enterprise.

The FBLA XChange program in the Shenandoah Valley is instrumental in cultivating students’ leadership, communication, and teamwork skills crucial for their future careers. Through diverse activities, students develop confidence in decision-making and problem-solving. The program’s focus on effective communication not only prepares students for academic success but also equips them for the professional world. With team-building activities enhancing collaboration and goal-oriented work, the FBLA XChange program serves as a pivotal preparation platform for regional and state competitions, ultimately shaping well-rounded and competitive individuals in the Shenandoah Valley.

Career and Technical Education Students Benefit!

As educators, we appreciate the traditional focus of CTE and FBLA participants on trades. While recognizing the value in these paths, we also want to highlight the potential for students to become entrepreneurs and business leaders. This aligns seamlessly with our mission to provide teachers with tools for economics, personal finance, and financial literacy education, as well as exposure to free enterprise and entrepreneurship. We believe in empowering teachers to guide students toward diverse and achievable career aspirations.

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Explore our FBLA Xchange programs designed specifically for middle and high school students. For further details and inquiries, please reach out to Lauren Shifflett.

These programs would not be possible without the support of our partners which include: JMU College of Business, The JMU Center of Economic Education, JMU Gillum Center for Entrepreneurship and the JMU Bookstore.

Join Us at the Next FBLA Xchange Where Issues and Activities Address Free Enterprise to Financial Literacy!