Parents and kids are spending a lot of time learning at home these days. Wednesdays can be a problem in some schools’ “AB” schedules. But here’s an exciting way for parents and kids to learn economics at home — Home Front Economics!

Each video introduces an economic topic and then invites you to pause the playback and explore something in your home together. Then hit “play” again and see the wrapup that reinforces economic content.

On each video we have two elementary schoolkids and two economic educators modeling the activity. Running time is 5 to 10 minutes. Exploration can take you as far as you’d like.

Here’s the first one — have a look!

(All episodes are available Monday or Tuesday for Wednesday use)

Episode 1: International Trade, available week of Nov. 9

Episode 2: Competition and Monopoly, to be available week of Nov. 16

— week off for Thanksgiving —

Episode 3: Wants and Needs, to be available week of Nov. 30

Episode 4: What Taxes Are, to be available week of Dec. 7

Episode 5: Your Watershed Address, to be available week of Dec. 14

— holiday break —

Episode 6: Food and Money, to be available week of Jan. 4


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