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YES and Strategent Financial Bring Stock Market Game™ to the Classroom.

The Stock Market Game™, a nationally acclaimed simulation of asset markets, is supported in the Shenandoah Valley by YES. It is a comprehensive economics and personal finance education program for Grades 4 to 12. YES provides teacher workshops, continuing consultation, and organizes an awards recognition banquet underwritten by Strategent Financial. Small student teams compete for awards by investing $100,000 in an online, virtual portfolio. Students research and apply their investment ideas in a real-world market environment.

Now, more than ever, schools are looking for ways to meet higher educational standards while working within tighter budgets. To meet this challenge, schools are seeking more effective education tools that both motivate students and support teachers in building lifelong learning skills. The Stock Market Game™ is an excellent fit with these goals.

Stock Market Game™ Enhances Academic Performance in Math and Financial Literacy.

Is there research that the Stock Market Game™ positively impacts academic performance?
Yes, a rigorous, randomized, controlled study by Learning Point Associates, a nonprofit education agency, found that students who participated in The Stock Market Game™ program scored significantly higher on mathematics and financial literacy tests than their peers who did not. Improvements in academic performance were achieved regardless of the classroom implementation of the Stock Market Game™ basic or advance. The study was conducted in 600 classrooms, with half of the classrooms playing in the Stock Market Game™ and half not playing.

Teachers Report Personal Benefits from Use of the Game.

Learning Point Associates also conducted a nationwide survey of nearly 5,000 teachers who taught with theStock Market Game™. The teachers reported that the program motivated them to better plan for their own future and to engage in financial planning, research, and use of investment products and services. Please see the PDF Summary of their study.

YES Provides 50% Scholarship for Local Team Registration.

Stock Market Game™ Sessions
Fall Game: Mid-September – Mid- December
Year Game:Mid-September – Early June
Spring Game: Early February – Early June

Costs for Registration ranges from $10 per team to $30 per team depending on length of session selected and number of teams entered.

Awards Are Presented Regionally and Statewide.

Awards are presented to teams with the top-performing portfolios in their region and/or state. At the state level, awards are presented to:

  • The top three schools for both the Fall and Spring Sessions
  • The top high school, middle school and elementary school (if not already recognized in the top three overall teams)
  • The top school in the All-Year Session

Teams are placed in regions based on the location of VCEE’s affiliated Centers for Economic Education. Regional awards are determined and presented by the Centers.

Want More Information About the Game & How You Can Participate?

John Kruggel will help develop lesson plans and activities that are tailored for the age and interests of your students and direct you to workshops and training opportunities specific to the Stock Market Game™.

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