Kruggel Joins SVEE Program

Indiana economic educator John Kruggel has been named to succeed Lynne Stover to lead the teacher outreach programs of the JMU Center for Economic Education. With funding from Shenandoah Valley Economic Education, Inc., Kruggel will serve as Associate Director of the Center. Kruggel will conduct workshops, coordinate awards participation, develop economic lesson content and work with teachers one-on-one. Here’s a sketch on John Kruggel’s background:

John Kruggel graduated from Purdue University with a BA in Secondary Education in 2001. For his first teaching assignment he worked with the Indiana Council for Economic Education to create an award winning economics program in Haikou, China. John has over 15 years of teaching experience.

In 2010, he was one of six teachers in Indiana named an Indiana University Armstrong Teacher Educator. John has conducted numerous professional development workshops for elementary, middle and high school teachers throughout his school district. He has worked with the Indiana Council for Economic Education, as well as the IUPUI and ISU Centers for Economic Education, to organize and lead workshops throughout the state.

In 2017, he graduated from the Master of Arts in Economics and Entrepreneurship for Educators program at the University of Delaware. That same year John was named the Olin Davis Award winner for excellence in teaching economics in the state of Indiana. Most recently, he created a newsletter for economics, personal finance and business teachers in Indiana to help them integrate economics concepts covered in the news into the classroom. John has been married to his wonderful wife Heidi for nearly 10 years. Together they are the proud parents of Gabe (6) and Kathleen (4).

john kruggel

Heidi, John, Gabe and Kathleen